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NEW RELEASE: The SUITE to "Children of Africa" (1955)

arranged for concert band, with choral finale: "Hymn of Africa"

Instrumental sets contain all instrument parts, one choral part, and the full score. The full score is also available separately.

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Hello, Dumela, Sawubona, Molweni!

It’s Robert Maxym here, inviting you to accompany me for a little while on the extraordinarily exciting musical and artistic journey which has been coursing through my life for almost forty years now. When I left New York for a fledgling conducting career in 1974, I had no idea that the efforts I would expend in twenty years in Europe would only prepare me for the immense and rewarding musical challenges which awaited me in South Africa upon my arrival here in 1993.
I found a society in turmoil and regeneration; in the interim South Africa has turned out to be one of the big success stories of modern times, this bejeweled country at the bottom tip of African continent…and music has played a seminal role in all of this. We all know that music has the power to heal our souls – I have fortunately been exposed to, and participated in, music which has the power to heal the soul of nations – Mzilikazi Khumalo’s “Ushaka, KaSenzangakhona” – healing the splintered soul of his Zulu people – Todd Matshikiza’s “Three Songs” – healing the breaks in the fabric of his nation – Jacqueline Martens’ “Children of Africa” – in which the killing stops…
All this has come about because of the realisation of a simple truth: traditional high culture can bring great things into the world, if treated with equanimity and respect. If we respect the traditional African cultural component as much as the traditional western cultural component – it’s an absolute no-brainer: the result will be stunning!
You can experience this enthralling, rejuvenating music as well, in my editions for orchestra or concert band and voices.
Should you prefer to accompany the less public side of my artistic endeavours, the artworks I have created in thirty years of activity “between the notes”, by all means…
Enjoy the ride!

sample score


"UShaka" Suite, seven excerpts from Mzilikazi Khumalo's epic, "UShaka, KaSenzangakhona" arranged for concert band, choir, soloists...

Three Ragtimes by Scott Joplin, arranged for full orchestra, and then again for concert band.

"Bawo Thixo Somandla", traditional Xhosa song, arranged for orchestra, concert band….

"Siyakhulekela", dramatic narrative for Zulu praise poet and orchestra: text - CT Msimang.

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