The Tabernacle of the Heart Laid Bare

The "Tabernacle" was without question my deepest and most spiritual work to date, when it was completed in early 2003. It is a "palindromatic" creation, thus there are a multiplicity of ways to observe and appreciate the work. First and foremost is its unique physical form, comprising the actual outer underlayer of bark, and which is delineated in light-colored varnish. Contrasted with this is the inner underlayer of bark, from which the wood has been cut away from the inside, which is varnished in a darker, russet color.

This second inner perspective also functions simultaneously as an "outer" perspective when the third element of the work, the actual "Tabernacle", comes into play. One of the most salient and obvious figures on the outer layer is a faithful heart-shaped root protrusion, and originally, "The Heart Laid Bare" was the original intended title, as this heart-shaped object had revealed itself to me as a central element of the piece. As I progressed into the inner reaches of the wood, there was a point at which I felt the chisel going through solid wood and entering a space full of dusty, soft material, totally unsuitable for the sculpture - yet it was still surrounded on all sides by solid wood! As I gingerly progressed into the space, I realised that it was the place where the seed of the tree had germinated. Once there was a "structure" taking form inside the emptied space, the intricacies of the stairs and platforms convinced me that "The Tabernacle of the Heart Laid Bare" was the most fitting and final term.

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