Established MAXYM MUSIC CC, Bryanston, South Africa Nov., 1996

Khumalo, Msimang, Maxym, James: USHAKA, KASENZANGAKHONA

Dual Notation Piano-Vocal Scores

Zulu/English text, Commentaries by Composer and Poet

Volume I:

7 Pieces for Solo Voices 1997

Album for Soprano 1997

Album for Alto 1997

Album for Bass 1997

Complete Piano-Vocal Score, Text and Commentaries 1999

Themba Msimang: “People, Places, and Events in the Epic” USHAKA, KASENZANGAKHONA 1998

Todd T. Matshikiza: Three Songs Complete Orchestral Scores,

Orchestral Parts, Choral Parts (by arrangement with SAMRO, Johannesburg) 1999

Arrangements for Band and Choir, pub. Maxym Music 2008

Khumalo, Msimang, Maxym: USHAKA, Chamber Version First Perf. Kennedy Center, Washington D.C. 2/2000 2000

Scott Joplin: Three Ragtimes Complete Scores and Orchestral Parts 2000

Martens, Bodenstein, Maxym: “CHILDREN OF AFRICA”, Suite Orchestral version (instrumental only) 2002 Arrangement for Band and Choir: 2008

Maxym/Kent: Concerto for Didjeridu and Orchestra 2008

Maxym/Msimang: SIYAKHULEKELA Score and orchestral parts 2010